Meet the Writers

Madelene Pario

Madelene was born 13 minutes before her unexpected twin came out crying into the arms of their mother’s surprised doctor. They grew up as fairy nymphs flying barefoot through backyard forests, eating berries and journeying to foreign lands. She studied art in Florence, Italy and lived in Estonia as a missionary; she studied psychology and how our brain can be a tricky, complex, hurtful, beautiful thing; she lived in Uganda under the premise that she was teaching helpful skills, but in the end, she was the real student. She has backpacked across Eastern Europe and gone birding in Costa Rica. She is a seeker of creativity, community, culture, and cognitive dissonance. Recently, Madelene has paused to take a breath in Salem, Massachusetts where she lives with her Ugandan husband and 18-month old daughter. But her wanderlust remains, burning a hole in her rug.

Marta B.

Ex-Parisian, Current Salem-ite, and always Michigander, Marta grew up loving books, dogs, soccer, and swimming in the lake. Still does. (The ocean is a fine substitute.) She was barefoot whenever possible. Still is. After college, she moved to The City of Light, and her two years there were like one big, never-ending picnic on the banks of the Seine (laughter, friends, food, beauty, a slight wine buzz). Now, Marta feels at home on the North Shore, and is raising her toddler son to love books, soccer, and swimming in the ocean. She would like to get a dog.

Beth Melillo

Beth is a Massachusetts resident, born and raised.  She doesn’t have an accent, but she is a crazy driver.  Growing up she lived in Hudson, a little town more near Worcester than Boston.  She’s travelled as far away as New Zealand (go WWOOF!) and visited Alaska, Guatemala, and quite a few Canadian provinces.  These days though, you can find her anchored to Salem, Ma. studying I/O psychology at Salem State University and reading all she can about Sustainability.  Beth loves to read, run, recycle, and sometimes aspires to craft with any free time left.   She lives with her husband and truck-and-bus obsessed toddler.  She blogs occasionally at about figuring out how to be an adult.


7 responses to “Meet the Writers

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  7. how can I contact you guys? I would love to email you, Madelene, as we have a LOT in common and I think I could learn a lot from you! Is there some sort of way I can contact you? you guys all rock!!!

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