Rarities and Curiosities at the ExCL annual Silent Auction

auction 6

Ever since Madelene first wrote about Extras for Creative Reuse I’ve been begging her to take me. (Okay – first I strongly hinted, and then I did some flat out asking.)  Unfortunately, our schedules always collided and we weren’t able to take a trip together.  So, when I was able to acquire a ticket to the Annual Curiosities and Rarities Silent Auction, well you can bet your bottom dollar that I was jumping up and down and getting ready to go.

ExCL posted the items that would be up for auction on their facebook page (see the album here) which only cemented my desire to go.  I’m a little in love with vintage pyrex, and though I don’t have the space to buy, store, or display it, I love and use my three sets of mixing and serving bowls on a daily basis.  They are one of the biggest reasons I will likely not succumb to the trendy notion that everyone needs a Kitchen Aid mixer (but that’s another story.)

auction 3

Walking into the EXCL space set my heart beating quickly, the truth is, in addition to Pyrex, I’m a sucker for collections – going back to my days as a stamp collector, rock collector, and junk collector.

auction 1

Displaying objects as a collection can elevate them to art, and causes me to pause a moment, looking for similarities and differences.  How do we categorize things? What makes them belong?  I think about these questions more now than before as the mother of a busy and curious toddler.

The auction was both classy and quirky – items I thought were just junk – other attenders exclaimed over.

auction 2

And the backdrop of everything was the barrels, shelves, and overflow of items which are donated to ExCL waiting to be turned into something more beautiful.  Part of the artful life, is seeing beneath the surface of what is available, and finding what can be created from raw material.

auction 5

Did I end up going home with Pyrex?  You bet!  And I also went home with a renewed eye for seeing art in the everyday.

– Beth Melillo


2 responses to “Rarities and Curiosities at the ExCL annual Silent Auction

  1. I was very excited to read about this place – I must have missed the post last July! I’m going to check it out soon and may my craft room be overflowing!

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