Three things I will savor this month

The beach!


Summer is too short, so start early. Pack a picnic lunch, throw on a light jacket, and hit the beach. It might not be swimming weather, but you can enjoy watching the waves, flying kites, playing soccer, and building sandcastles. My favorites North Shore beaches are Singing Beach in Manchester, Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, Devereux Beach in Marblehead, and Crane Beach in Ipswich.

Ice cream!

Waiting in line gives you tons of time to pose for silly pictures

Longer, sunnier days make me want to eat ice cream. Captain Dusty’s is a favorite, and so are Treadwell’s, Orange Leaf, and pints of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.



My second child is due in July, and I am fully expecting complete and total vaporization of my leisure time. And that is all the more reason to enjoy it now. Sure, life with a toddler can be hectic, but I can still make it to yoga class, read a good book in the evenings, and write the occasional blog post. I even found the time to get my hair cut this week. When bundle of joy number two arrives, I foresee a lot less time pursuing hobbies, and a lot more time catching up on sleep.

-Marta B.


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