May 2013 Editorial: Savor

I started thinking about this editorial in an overly warm classroom, with the air conditioning grumbling in the background, and a lukewarm cup of coffee in a cracked travel mug.  My eyes were glazed over listening to a review lecture on the Central Limit Theorem. This was a topic we covered on the first few days of class, and now, in preparation for our final paper, were covering it again. *yawn*

How could I savor this?

This month our theme is Savor – fitting for the season of spring, which comes on the heels of long dark days and barren trees.  Now, it is easy to throw open a window, smell the sea, and take time to stand underneath the neighbor’s flowering trees. I can once again spend several hours at the park without freezing, watching the tide, birds, and boats.  Dusk creeps up slowly; already sunset isn’t until 7:50pm.

blossom tree

I hear the word “Savor” and I think of sweet spring days, and also decadent desserts – Mark Bittman’s recent video with French Chef Jean Georges about the invention and creation of the Molton Chocolate cake for example.

Molton Chocolate Cake

Savor invites imagination of not just any dessert, but the extraordinary – sweets that are rich, beyond normalacy ( such  as the family sugar cookie I wrote about here).  When I truly savor something edible I am sated after only a few bites – I cherish the experience as much as the taste – the presentation has everything to do with it.

Coffee from the Atomic Cafe

Coffee from the Atomic Cafe

Nature, Dessert, what else do I savor?  I savor sleeping in, eating long breakfasts with my family on Saturday mornings with pancakes, fruit, eggs, coffee.  I savor time to read long long books, like my current read George RR Martin’s Storm of Swords, and books that contain rich imagery and tangled relationships like Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead.

The things I savor are extraordinary, out of my normal routine, but also transient.  These experiences and things, they don’t last long.  They are the first few months of a baby’s life, my honeymoon, the perfect sunset.

They are spring time blossoms – here one week, and gone two weekends later.  The blooms are replaced by sturdier leaves.

fallen blossoms

They are experiences, tastes, smells that are anything but normal.  They can’t be had on command, every morning, or ever meal.

BUT, is there a way to savor the sticky dull class?  How can we redeem the humdrum, the ordinary?  Or should we accept that some things will always be second-rate,  in order that others might stand out in our minds as truly sublime?

This month we’ll be exploring the things we Savor, the things we think you should savor – books, recipes, sunsets, and much more.  Won’t you join us on our blog, or on facebook?


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