The Trashiest Show In Town


Last Saturday night Marta and I walked into the trashiest show around the North Shore – literally.

The Trashfinders Ball


We paid our ticket price ($10) in order to sit at tables covered in old newspaper, vintage beer cans, and someone elses discarded statues made of old shoes.  We were served junk food.

junk food

And the puns could go on.

The Trashfinder’s ball is on it’s 6th year – and this year – it’s a moveable show.  The first stop was in Beverly at the Franco American Club, which is where we attended.  But it’s slated for a few other stops this year.  Here’s the video with the details from their recent Kickstarter campaign.Trashfinder’s Ball Video

The Trashfinder’s ball is built around the premise that quite a lot of people are dumpster diving, and getting fabulous curbside finds… but without any recognition.  Trash picking, after all, can be a very solitary activity – Madelene’s post the other day with a veteran trash picking artist certainly confirmed that – but it’s very common.  So, the Ball aims to bring it out of the shadows, into the light, and to highlight all the ways that people are participating in reducing, resuing, and recycling.

Lion Rawr

So Sean Devlin, organizer, came up with this clever way for people to display their finds.  Above is one of the over 2 dozen entries into the competition for best trash find.  This particular one happened to captivate my son – almost as much as the amazing toy ride-on vintage fire truck.

There was also a fashion trashion show… which I considered entering – with my recycling-bin fascinator – inspired by the hullaballoo of the royal wedding two summers ago.

the hat I made


But, the actual winner – well, there was really no competition.  She blew everyone totally out of the dumpster…

Winner of Trashion Show

All in all, a great evening full of music and dancing (mostly by our crazy children) and a silly Improv Show by the Cape Ann Improv group.

The Found Objects provided some live music -

The Found Objects provided some live music –


Two kids, all danced out.

Two kids, all danced out.

But honestly, what could be sillier than a whole bunch of people celebrating trash.

-Beth M.


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