The Core

Sometimes Self Care means…not producing a blog post this week! Re-blogging one of my favorite posts about the importance of taking care of your “Core.” A few months ago I helped open an expressive arts center in Salem, and, while this has been part of my own “self care” as an artist and art therapist, I am still learning to balance everything else in my life. Life is a continual balancing act! If you are free tomorrow (Friday Feb, 22) anytime from 4pm-8pm, come on by and sample some of our creative workshops! For more information, go to

Connect Shore

As the years go by and we grow older, is there an essence that remains unchanged by age? When you strip everything down to its core…who are you?

I reside and work in Salem, I garden and swing my daughter at Pickman Park, I shop at Market Basket with an occasional splurge at Whole Foods, I explore various cultural and foodie places with friends in the surrounding North Shore communities, and at home I help my husband with English grammar and nurse my daughter to sleep after a day full of (toddlinggrabbingthrowinggigglysmileybabbleylittlemissindependantsnugglyhugging) fun.

I am a mom and a wife and all the crazy that comes with it, and I love it. So I hope you don’t take what I say next the wrong way:

Something is still missing. At the end of the day, when everything else gets stripped away, I am an artist at my core. Making art…

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