Sweets for your Sweetie – Where to go for Valentine’s Candy

Who can take a sunrise?  Sprinkle it with dew?  Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two… the Candy Man can.” – lyrics from Candy Man.

When I walk into the Candy Pop Sweet Shoppe there is a mix of sweet songs playing – the famous Candy Man song from the original Willy Wonka movie, the Archie’s Sugar Sugar, from 1969, and it goes on.  I’m instantly overwhelmed by the choices, as I have been the past couple times I’ve come into the store.

I’m there to pick up some chocolate for my husband for Valentines day (and possible to score some caramels for myself).  As usual, store owner Traci Teague is more than helpful, pointing out the Valentine’s specials – like the Oreos decorated to look like conversation hearts – the pre-made boxes of chocolates – and assisting me in creating a custom made assortment of sweets for my own sweetie.

Still looking for somewhere to get a Valentine’s gift –  Or maybe you’d just like to discover something new to satisfy your sweet tooth – Candy Pop Sweet Shoppe has something for everyone.

152 Washington Street, Marblehead MA.  Open 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.  Sunday 10am to 5pm.

Check out the facebook page here!

-Beth Melillo

  popshoppe 02

popshoppe 03  popshoppe 01    popshoppe 04  popshoppe 05  popshoppe 06  popshoppe 08  popshoppe 09 


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