One of the best places to trick-or-treat in Salem: Linden Street neighborhood

If someone were to take a stroll right now around our neighborhood, they might see things like this:

Awwww….cute pumpkins.

Or this….


Or maybe even some of these:

Definitely spooky.

But if you were to take a similar stroll down Linden Street in Salem…


*stifled scream*


Welcome to Halloween House, located near the end of Linden Street–just one of many homes around here that take Halloween to the next level. Famously generous in their treating as well as their decorating, trick-or-treaters who travel down Linden Street and the surrounding areas west of Lafayette will CLEAN UP. Halloween House, for example, gives out big slushies to the kiddies and mixed drinks to the adults–they’ve been doing it for years. Another house is known to hand out whole, large candybars, and yet another house gives away toys. These streets are always PACKED on Halloween night, and it’s always a lot of fun to mix in with the crowd as you fill your bag to the brim.

Here’s a map showing the Halloween House on Linden Street:

And here are some more peeks at some of the other homes around the Linden Street neighborhood:

So there you have it. One place to visit for some tricks and treats this Wednesday. Maybe I’ll see you there!

What about you? What is your “best place” to trick-or-treat in Salem?

For some more tips on where to trick-or-treat this Halloween, check out this post from the Insider’s Guide to Salem!



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