Meet Mary Jane Lee Park

I enjoyed reading this blog post from the Salem Public Space Project. I concur that “the point” is a loaded phrase for Salem residents. This neighborhood is the focus of so much fear and disdain. -Marta

Salem Public Space Project

This post is part of a series for MIT’s CoLabRadio and first appeared here

Ever since I moved to Salem, a town on Massachusetts’ North Shore, its residents – on the commuter rail, at the farmers’ market, sitting in cafes, or walking along the pedestrian walkway – have happily gushed over their town. In the same breath, however, they often warn me never to set foot in a four-by-eight-block area called “The Point”. It wasn’t long before I began to explore this neighborhood. A stone’s throw from Salem’s thriving downtown, The Point has been isolated for decades, but more by the barrier of perception than by any physical obstacle.


At the geographic center of The Point is Mary Jane Lee Park; it also happens to be the social heart of the community. What can a park reveal to the uninitiated about a neighborhood? Can it be a point…

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