A Walk through Lynn Woods

Last weekend we went for a walk at Lynn Woods.

I love this place. It is 2,200-acres of woodland, wetlands, and ponds plunked right down in the middle of urban, sprawling Lynn. The ponds provide drinking water to the city and the trails provide respite from the busy week. It holds a rose garden, old stone fire towers, a golf course, an historic underground tunnel, and a spray painted work of art, but mostly, it is just miles and miles of forest trail.

I am always amazed at how well Lynn Woods manages to disguise its very presence. On the drive from Salem we pass big box stores and endless parking lots on Highland Avenue, cruise past a dense clusters of homes and storefronts in the city of Lynn, then finally arrive at a small parking lot near a baseball field. It looks like any municipal park, until you enter the gates and start walking. It doesn’t take long before you’ve left the city far behind you and find yourself in a secluded, woodland paradise.

Here a few shots of Lynn Woods we’ve taken over the past few years, in different seasons:

On my next trip to Lynn Woods, I want to check out Skull Rock:

Photo courtesy of: http://www.bikerag.com


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