The Best Disguise, or is it?

I finally thought of a good Halloween costume to wear. (It’s a secret)  The parties are coming up soon so it was critical that I thought of a disguise to wear that wasn’t me being a Blogger. Or an Awesome Mom.  Or a Grad Student.

Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, but one thing I do enjoy about it is the creativity that people demonstrate in choosing new roles and disguises to try on, even if only for a night or two.

I find myself often wavering between two opposites, on the one hand in life, I want to be authentic and transparent – portraying the roles that I’ve chosen, and have had given to me – accurately.  I find there is often a gap between what I am, and I what I think I should be when it comes to my roles.

For example, take the idea of being a blogger.  I love blogging, both at Connect Shore, and at my personal blog.  However, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t spend as much time on it as I could, (or should, if I wanted to have an audience of hundreds).  Since I don’t have that readership, why do I think I can lay claim to the title of “blogger.”  Is this actually just a disguise that I’m trying on instead?

On the other hand I also find that I want to be a sort of faked up version of my best self other times.  I mean, the self that appears to be going out to all the right events, and living the social life on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

I many ways I think that participating in social media (blogging, pinterest, facebook) is like trying on a disguise all the time.  Disguises can make us bolder, and so can social media.  Although much is often made of the way the internet can turn everyone into a slobbering troll (re: recent Reddit scandal), there is the converse too – that it can turn everyone into this larger than life reflection of what they are.  Whether you are distorting yourself in a positive or negative way, it’s still a disguise.

What are your thoughts on using social media as a disguise?

-Beth Melillo


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