Done! Free Day at the Museum of Science

Free passes to the Museum of Science in Boston turned into a full day of family fun last Sunday.

We started in the South End, strolling along the brick sidewalks past brownstones with cast iron railings, community gardens, playgrounds, and shops. We decided to stop at Hamersley’s, one of the many outdoor cafes in the area and ordered a plate of delicious fresh fruit and a round of omelets. At the end of the meal, the waitress apologized for slow service. Are you kidding me? I was happy to take my time and enjoy this leisurely, sophisticated brunch. Most mornings you’ll find me slugging down black coffee in the car, clumsily trying to apply mascara at stoplights.

Don’t I look relaxed? I was.

Now that our stomachs were full, we opted for a long Sunday stroll.  We headed up Berkeley, crossing Newbury Street, and paused in the Public Garden to listen to performing musicians and watch ducks swim by. It seemed like all of Boston was out enjoying the beautiful day. I lamented that we didn’t have our new spiffy Nikon camera, but my husband pointed out that sometimes it is better to just enjoy the day, rather than trying to capture it. Well said.

The little one had fallen asleep in the stroller, so we just kept on walking. We wandered along Charles Street, grabbing an ice cream from J.P. Licks (Kahlua ice cream for me), and continued along the River. We finally reached the Museum and passed three duck boats parked near the entrance. “Boat? Big car?” asked my son. “Yes and Yes.”

I wasn’t sure if a two year-old would be too young to enjoy the exhibits, but no need to worry there, he had a blast. He was entranced by the things we saw — a bee hive, hatching chicks, a complete triceratops fossil, stuffed owls, and a wonderful thing called an audiokinetic ball sculpture. We did not even make it to the Discovery Center, the room designed for toddlers.

It was a fantastic day, and the impetus was definitely the stack of free passes that I, like all Salem residents, received in the mail this month. Come to find out, I can get free and reduced museum tickets every day of the year from my local library! I had no idea. Next stop, Children’s Museum!



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