Done! The Importance of Being Earnest.

So far in my life I can count on one hand the time I’ve seen live theater (excluding high school musicals.) A performance of Hamlet with my tenth grade English class.  The North Shore Musical Theater’s Hello Dolly!  Photograph 51 at the Central Square Theater.  College one-act plays (do those even count?).

I’m woefully lacking in the culture of theatre – which is why I’ve been looking forward excitedly to seeing The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde put on by the Sea Change Theatre this September.

Now, I’ve seen Earnest before as a movie with Colin Firth, and I loved it.  But I had forgotten all of the lines that I loved so much. And of course, the film version cannot include you in the sarcasm, irony, and the brilliant word play which Oscar Wilde wrote – but the stage version canWhat I loved so much about seeing Earnest put on by the Sea Change Theatre Company was the delightful tongue-in-cheek way which the actors played the characters.  It was as though they were dying to invite the audience in the utter absurdity of the scenes.  Whereas many of the lines in the movie I saw were delivered so – well – earnestly, in the play I felt as though the actors were on the verge of pulling me in their private jokes – and yet they maintained their utter dedication to the roles.

“Did I give you this?” ” It’s very pretty, isn’t it?”

In all, the play was enormously intimate – although several rows from the stage (in not-entirely comfortable metal folding chairs – I’ll admit) it was still as though I could reach out and touch the actors and become a part of their scenes.

Earnest and Algernon doing the awfully hard work of nothing

I look forward to seeing what else the Sea Change Theatre puts on in the future, and expanding my theatre going experience on the North Shore to many of the other small theatre companies in the area.

There’s still time to see this play, but this is the final weekend – so hurry!

Additionally if you are an aspiring actor/actress the Sea Change Theatre is holding auditions for it’s holiday play “Christmas Memories” on October 2nd, 3rd, and 6th.  Be sure to check out their facebook page here and their website here for more information.


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