Done! Trails and Sails (Part 1)

Essex County Trails and Sails is a two weekend event with over 150 sites hosting a variety of experiences in the 34 cities and towns of Essex County MA.  It’s still going on – so get yourself to one of the sites and learn about, taste, or see something cool!  We posted about this great event on our September To Do list.

When I first looked at the listing for the Essex County Trails and Sails I identified 10 possible events I wanted to attend.  As the weekends drew nearer though, I knew I would have to pare it down to only three or four.  As of this writing – I’ve only been to one event so far, but I’m still planning on attending two more for sure.

First Up:

Rum Tasting at Turkey Shore Distilleries in Ipswich*

Turkey Shore Distilleries is a new company (founded in 2010) that builds on the rich heritage of rum making on the North Shore. Yet, even in their short time, they’ve already won some awards!

I wanted to go to this event because I’ve never been to a tasting or tour before and it was always in the back of my mind to do one.  Also because I hardly know anything about the process of making alcohol.

Mat Perry (one of the founders) gave the tour of the small space of the distillery and I learned a lot of wicked cool trivia –

I learned that yeast can eat it’s weight in sugar in an hour, and that while they start out their fermenting tanks with about 5 grams of yeast, they end with as much as 10 pounds of the stuff!

I learned that all the color (and much of the taste) in a rum comes from the barrel it’s aged in – and that I don’t like the taste of white rum at all!  I did like the Tavern Style, and their version of a summer rum which I tasted.  However, since I’m not much of a rum aficionado, don’t rely on me for a comprehensive review – try it out yourself.

I learned that during it’s hey day of rum making that the North Shore (and Boston) produced something like 40-60% of the world’s rum!  You can read a little more of the history of the company here as well.

This Trails and Sails event is going on next weekend as well, and they are also releasing their newest rum next weekend – a holiday spiced blend.

*Just because I (and my family) went to the rum tasting I would like to point out that this choice does not reflect an endorsement by Connect Shore of drinking alcohol – only of local business.  And to those of you who do drink – drink responsibly!

-Beth Melillo


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