Beautiful Route 127

I absolutely love scenic Route 127. Do you like the ocean, green countryside, miles of wooden fences and stone walls? How about glimpses of extravagant McMansions as well as beautifully tended historic homes and idyllic farms? Take a journey up Route 127!

Beginning in Beverly off of  Route 1A right after crossing the Beverly Bridge, this scenic drive passes through Beverly Farms, Manchester by-the-Sea, Gloucester, and loops around Rockport before heading back to Beverly.

My husband and I recently took a drive with our daughter up to Gloucester using 127. Here are some of what we saw on the way there and back.

A scenic overlooks of the Atlantic Ocean in Beverly.

We spotted countless entrances leading to hidden or half-hidden homes.

We passed through some gorgeous countryside and greenery!

A humorous sight at Pride’s crossing in Beverly Farms.

Manchester by-the-Sea

And of course…the homes. From modern to historic, they are all stunning…

We decided to head to Sugar Magnolia’s in downtown Gloucester for some delicious lunch. I had the “The One” with grilled chicken, arugula, goat cheese and fig preserves, complimented with a couscous side salad. Yummmm.

If you wanted to continue up 127, you’ll hit the town of Rockport– full of colorful fishing boats, narrow streets and gorgeous ocean views.

For more information about what to see on your way around Route 127, the Boston Globe published a suggested day trip around the Route, as well as a GPS Tour.

— Madelene


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