Recipe: Triple Chocolate Banana Trifle

Triple Chocolate Banana Trifle (you can read Beth’s post on Trifles here!):

1   brownie mix (you will need at least 1 egg, water and vegetable oil for this)

1   package instant chocolate pudding mix

1   package instant banana pudding mix

3 C   milk

1/2   tub frozen whipped topping, defrosted so it is soft

1 C   heavy whipping cream

1/2    of an angel food cake, cut into chunks

3   tablespoons sweetened condensed milk (optional)

2   chocolate bars, chopped

3-4   ripe bananas

Ok, you are going to need a lot of bowls for this recipe, so get ready! You will also want a glass bowl or container if you are going for presentation. Remember, a trifle is all about showing off the layers! Follow the directions on the brownie mix box to bake the brownies, then cool and cut into inch-sized chunks. Set aside.

Make the chocolate and banana puddings in separate bowls. When it calls for milk, add 1.5 cups in each pudding mix instead of 2 cups.

In another bowl, beat the cream with a mixer until it forms a stiff peak. Fold the whipped cream plus the sweetened condensed milk into the chocolate pudding mix until it is smooth. Then fold the whipped topping (like Cool Whip) into the banana pudding. Don’t over mix. You can substitute the whipped topping for whipped cream + sweetened condensed milk or vice versa if you want. I just like the different tastes. You can also omit the sweetened condensed milk if you like it a little less sweet.

To prepare for the layering of the trifle, you want to divide all of your ingredients in half except your chocolate pieces, which you will divide into 3 equal parts.

Layer half of the brownie chunks in the bottom of a glass container or bowl. Make sure you press a ring of brownies to the glass so the pudding doesn’t drip through and ruin the presentation 🙂

After the layer of brownies, sprinkle a layer of chocolate pieces (1/3 of the pieces).  Then spoon in a layer of chocolate pudding.

On top of that, add a layer of angel food cake. This is not as sticky as the brownies so it will be hard to stick them to the sides. But that’s ok, because you want the banana pudding to soak the angel food cake.

After the angel food cake, place a ring of sliced bananas around the glass before you spoon in the banana pudding into the middle. Then drop in a layer of bananas on top of the pudding.

Add a layer of banana pudding on top and then repeat all the layers one more time. Top with the last of the chocolate pieces. Voila!

As you can see, you can mix up the layering if you want. My trifle is on the left. My brother used the same ingredients and came up with the design on the right. This recipe is very forgiving so feel free to experiment. Either way, it tastes sinfully delicious!

— Madelene Pario


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